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Playlist Class Reference

#include <playlist.h>

Inheritance diagram for Playlist:

PlaylistInterface Watched CollectionList DynamicPlaylist

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Detailed Description

The playlist, which you derive from when creating your own playlist.

Do not, under any circumstances, call a Playlist method when you can call a Player method, unless, of course, you ARE the playlist.

Definition at line 45 of file playlist.h.

Public Slots

virtual void clear ()
virtual void copy ()
virtual void cut ()
virtual void hideList ()=0
virtual void paste ()
virtual void selectAll ()
virtual void showList ()=0
void slotGuessTagInfo (TagGuesser::Type type)
virtual void slotRefresh ()
virtual void slotReload ()
void slotRemoveSelectedItems ()
void slotRenameFile ()
void slotSetNext ()
void slotShowPlaying ()
void slotWeightDirty (int column=-1)
virtual void toggleList ()


void listHidden ()
void listShown ()
void playCurrent ()
void signalAboutToRemove (PlaylistItem *item)
void signalEnableDirWatch (bool enable)
void signalNameChanged (const QString &name)

Public Member Functions

virtual void addFile (const KURL &, bool play=false)=0
void addFiles (const QStringList &files, bool importPlaylists, PlaylistItem *after=0)
void addObserver (PlaylistObserver *observer)
void applySharedSettings ()
virtual void clear ()=0
virtual void clearItem (PlaylistItem *item, bool emitChanged=true)
virtual void clearItems (const PlaylistItemList &items)
virtual int columnOffset () const
KActionMenu * columnVisibleAction () const
virtual int count () const
template<class ItemType, class CollectionItemType, class CollectionListType>
ItemType * createItem (const FileHandle &file, QListViewItem *after=0, bool emitChanged=true)
virtual PlaylistItemcreateItem (const FileHandle &file, QListViewItem *after=0, bool emitChanged=true)
virtual void createItems (const PlaylistItemList &siblings)
virtual PlaylistItem current ()=0
virtual void currentChanged ()
virtual FileHandle currentFile () const
virtual void dataChanged ()
QString fileName () const
QStringList files ()
virtual PlaylistItem getAfter (const PlaylistItem &item) const =0
virtual PlaylistItem getFirst () const =0
int handleArguments ()
void hideColumn (int c, bool updateSearch=true)
bool isColumnVisible (int c) const
virtual PlaylistItemList items ()
virtual bool listVisible () const =0
void markItemSelected (PlaylistItem *item, bool selected)
virtual QString name () const
virtual PlaylistItem next ()=0
virtual PlaylistItem nextSection ()
void playFirst ()
bool playing () const
 Playlist (QObject *parent, const char *name)
 Playlist (PlaylistCollection *collection, bool delaySetup)
 Playlist (PlaylistCollection *collection, const QFileInfo &playlistFile, const QString &iconName="midi")
 Playlist (PlaylistCollection *collection, const PlaylistItemList &items, const QString &name=QString::null, const QString &iconName="midi")
 Playlist (PlaylistCollection *collection, const QString &name=QString::null, const QString &iconName="midi")
virtual void playNext ()
virtual void playPrevious ()
virtual PlaylistItem previous ()=0
virtual PlaylistItem previousSection ()
void read (QDataStream &s)
virtual bool readOnly () const
void removeObserver (PlaylistObserver *observer)
virtual void reset ()=0
virtual void save ()
virtual void saveAs ()
PlaylistSearch search () const
QValueList< PlaylistItemselect (const char *key, const char *value, int limit=-1, bool exact=false, bool caseSensitive=false)
virtual QValueList< PlaylistItemselect (const QString &key, const QString &value, int limit=-1, bool exact=false, bool caseSensitive=false)
virtual QValueList< PlaylistItemselect (const QStringList &keys, const QStringList &values, int limit=-1, bool exact=false, bool caseSensitive=false)
PlaylistItemList selectedItems ()
void setAllowDuplicates (bool allow)
void setColumnWidthUpdatesDisabled (bool disabled)
virtual void setCurrent (const PlaylistItem &)=0
void setFileName (const QString &n)
void setName (const QString &n)
void setSearch (const PlaylistSearch &s)
void setSearchEnabled (bool searchEnabled)
void showColumn (int c, bool updateSearch=true)
virtual void stop ()
virtual int time () const
void updateLeftColumn ()
PlaylistItemList visibleItems ()
virtual ~Playlist ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PlaylistItemplayingItem ()
static void setItemsVisible (const PlaylistItemList &items, bool visible=true)
static void setPlaying (PlaylistItem *item, bool addToHistory=true)

Protected Slots

void slotPlayFromBackMenu (int number) const
void slotPopulateBackMenu () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool acceptDrag (QDropEvent *e) const
void addColumn (const QString &label)
virtual bool canDecode (QMimeSource *s)
virtual void contentsDropEvent (QDropEvent *e)
template<class CollectionItemType, class ItemType, class SiblingType>
void createItems (const QValueList< SiblingType * > &siblings)
virtual void decode (QMimeSource *s, PlaylistItem *after=0)
virtual QDragObject * dragObject ()
virtual QDragObject * dragObject (QWidget *parent)
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *e)
virtual void polish ()
void removeFromDisk (const PlaylistItemList &items)
void setCanDeletePlaylist (bool canDelete)
void setupItem (PlaylistItem *item)
virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *e)
virtual void viewportPaintEvent (QPaintEvent *pe)
virtual void viewportResizeEvent (QResizeEvent *re)

Private Slots

void slotColumnOrderChanged (int, int from, int to)
void slotColumnSizeChanged (int column, int oldSize, int newSize)
void slotCreateGroup ()
void slotInlineCompletionModeChanged (KGlobalSettings::Completion mode)
void slotInlineEditDone (QListViewItem *, const QString &, int column)
void slotPlayCurrent ()
void slotRenameTag ()
void slotShowRMBMenu (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &point, int column)
void slotToggleColumnVisible (int column)
void slotUpdateColumnWidths ()

Private Member Functions

PlaylistItemaddFile (const QString &file, bool importPlaylists, PlaylistItem *after)
void calculateColumnWeights ()
bool editTag (PlaylistItem *item, const QString &text, int column)
void initAlbumSearch (const PlaylistItem *item)
PlaylistItemList items (QListViewItemIterator::IteratorFlag flags)
int leftMostVisibleColumn () const
void loadFile (const QString &fileName, const QFileInfo &fileInfo)
PlaylistItemnextItem (PlaylistItem *current=0) const
void redisplaySearch ()
void setup ()

Private Attributes

PlaylistSearch m_albumSearch
bool m_allowDuplicates
bool m_applySharedSettings
PlaylistCollection * m_collection
QValueVector< int > m_columnFixedWidths
KActionMenu * m_columnVisibleAction
QValueVector< int > m_columnWeights
int m_currentColumn
bool m_disableColumnWidthUpdates
QString m_editText
QString m_fileName
KPopupMenu * m_headerMenu
PlaylistItemList m_history
StringHash m_members
QString m_playlistName
bool m_polished
int m_processed
PlaylistItemList m_randomList
int m_rmbEditID
KPopupMenu * m_rmbMenu
PlaylistSearch m_search
bool m_searchEnabled
int m_selectedCount
QValueList< int > m_weightDirty
bool m_widthsDirty

Static Private Attributes

static QMap< int, PlaylistItem * > m_backMenuItems
static int m_leftColumn = 0
static PlaylistItemm_playingItem = 0
static PlaylistItemm_playNextItem = 0
static bool m_visibleChanged = false


class PlaylistItemData


class  SharedSettings

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